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Privacy Policy

Osawa Wax Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called the “Company”) establishes this Privacy Policy (hereinafter called the “Privacy Policy”) as follows, and strives to protect the personal information (hereinafter called the “Personal Information”) by establishing the system to protect the Personal Information and by thoroughly making its all employees recognize the importance of protection of the Personal Information and promote efforts for such protection.


Management of Personal Information

The Company keeps the Personal Information of its customers (hereinafter called the “Customer”) accurately and updated, and strictly manages such Personal Information by security measures and any other necessary measures such as improvements to maintain and manage its security system or training to its employees, in order to prevent any unauthorized or unlawful access to, or loss, damage, falsification or leakage of such Personal Information.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The Company uses the Personal Information received from the Customer for sending e-mails, documents or materials to such Customer, in order to communicate with, or to give notice to such Customer in relation to its operations, or to respond to the inquiries or questions from such Customer.

Non-disclosure or Prohibition of Provision of Personal Information to Third Party

The Company appropriately manages the Personal Information received from the Customer, and does not disclose or provide such Personal Information to any third party, except for any of the following cases.
・ If the Company obtains prior consent of the Customer in relation to such disclosure or provision;
・ If the Company discloses or provides such Personal Information to any contractor entrusted by the Company to conduct its operations to perform the services requested by such Customer;
・ If the Company is required to disclose or provide such Personal Information, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Security Measures for Personal Information

The Company takes any and all possible security measures to ensure the accuracy and security of the Personal Information.

Identification of Customer

If the Customer wishes to make inquires about, amend or delete his/her own Personal Information, the Company responds to such request after confirming the identity of such Customer.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations, Revision of Privacy Policy

The Company complies with any and all laws and regulations or any other rules applicable to the Personal Information possessed by the Company, and strives to improve the Privacy Policy, by reviewing or revising its content from time to time.

Contact for Inquiries

If you have any inquiry in relation to the handling of the Personal Information by the Company, please feel free to contact us from here.

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