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Headquarters Sales & Management

It demonstrates mobility from Nagoya Station and expands business activities in nation-wide.

Mizunami Factory Production, Development, Logistics, Sales & Manufacture

Mizunami factory is located in Mizunami City situated in the southern part of Gifu Pref., Japan, on the site of 6,500 square meters.
As a robotized master factory, we maintain efficiency and high quality.

Osawa Vietnam Co., Ltd. Affiliated company

Osawa Vietnam factory has an area of about 10,000 square meters, Japanese staff and local staff.

Osawa Vietnam Trading Co., Ltd. Affiliated company

Osawa Vietnam Trading has a trading company function, and is mainly responsible for supplying ASEAN products to Japanese market.

Osawa Wax is a trustworthy brand backed by years of accumulation and abundant experience as a company of “manufacturing” with its own factories in Japan and Vietnam.

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